Young Adults Engaging in Binge Drinking Later Into Their 20s

A growing number of young adults are binge-drinking into their mid to late 20s, according to an analysis from the Monitoring the Future study.

Binge drinking increases the risk of accidental injuries, deaths and many chronic illnesses, the researchers report in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Historically, binge drinking has tended to increase from age 18 through the early 20s, and then starts to drop, Reuters reports.

“Most alcohol-related interventions have focused on adolescents or college students,” researcher Megan Patrick of the University of Minnesota said in a news release. “Drinking during the later 20s has received less attention, and there are fewer prevention and intervention programs focused on these ages. However, we found that more women are now binge drinking and clinicians should think about screening for drinking problems throughout the 20s.”

How to Address Underage Drinking

As a parent, you hold tremendous influence over whether your child decides to drink or not. Be informed and be clear that you disapprove of underage drinking, model health behavior and find opportunities to discuss the dangers of alcohol.

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