White House Considers Allowing Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

The Trump Administration is considering allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug dealers, The Washington Post reports.

One approach under consideration would make trafficking large amounts of fentanyl a capital crime. Officials are also studying tougher punishments for large-scale drug dealers that stop short of the death penalty.

At the recent White House summit on opioids, President Trump suggested executing drug dealers might help solve the opioid crisis. “Some countries have a very tough penalty, the ultimate penalty, and they have much less of a drug problem than we do,” Trump said during the summit.

Allowing the death penalty for drug dealers could have unintended effects, said Daniel Ciccarone, Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. “It will keep people from any positive interface with police, any positive interface with public health, any interface with doctors,” he said, adding it could lead to fewer people receiving treatment for their addictions. “People will become afraid and hide. They won’t trust the police, and they won’t trust the doctor either.”

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    Jana Lyster

    April 19, 2018 at 2:04 AM

    The death penalty for drug dealers, are you kidding me? I in no way condone what drug dealers do, I have kids of my own, one that is 16 and at the prime age for experimenting. But that seems a little over the top based on the number of people that kidnap, torture, rape, and murder that spend their lives in jail. Free room and board with 3 meals a day and cable, provided by the same people that want to execute drug dealers. Drug dealers may provide the means for some people to overdose but at some point, people have to be held accountable for their own actions. Everyone, especially users of hard drugs, know the possibility of overdosing is always there. They know the chances they are taking and are willing to put themselves at risk. So although wrong, do drug dealers deserve the death penalty more than people that don’t give their victims a choice, they just take and do what they want? Users make the choice to put themselves in a situation where they know the worst could happen. Let me put it in a more understandable way; blaming the dealer for an overdose is like taking a gulp of steaming hot coffee and then trying to sue the person that handed it to you when you get burned. I do believe that drug dealers should be given a reasonable punishment, but until people like Charles Manson lead the way to the chair, instead of living in comfort and doing interviews, then this is an absurd thing to even talk about considering. Think about it, Charles Manson is still alive in jail, but why? I think that any person manipulative enough to brainwash people into killing people, including a woman 8 months pregnant along with her unborn child, is a truly dangerous person. There isn’t a good enough reason that he wasn’t executed. And absolutely no reason any drug dealer should receive the death penalty if that monster didn’t. I have been confident in our president until I saw this article. I hope our president has someone to question why the true monsters are allowed live as financial burdens for however long they live. At least drug dealers are capable of changing whereas I could guarantee no one in this world would be comfortable with Charles manson ever walking the streets a free man again.

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