Welcome to Our New Blog!

Join Together is delighted to introduce this major enhancement to our alcohol, tobacco and drug news service. Our new blog lets us deliver more of the valuable information we come across every day, but can’t always fit into the standard lineup of daily news and original features that we will continue to publish.

On the blog, you’ll find pointers to interesting resources, editorials, blog posts, and news stories that we don’t summarize in the regular news stream. We will also publish occassional analysis and commentary by our director, David Rosenbloom.

There are three easy ways to keep up with the blog:

  • By email: We’ll include links to blog posts in our daily and weekly JT Direct emails, so if you already subscribe, you don’t need to do anything new to take advantage of the bonus material we publish here.
  • By RSS: For readers who prefer RSS feeds to email subscriptions, we offer a blog feed for easy newsreader integration — and daily “Roundup” blog posts linking to the day’s other news.
  • Via Twitter: We tweet each blog post and regular news story @join2gether

We hope you find this expanded coverage useful in your work. As always, drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing.

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