Washington, D.C. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Say They Are Losing Money

Three months after medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Washington, D.C., the centers say they are losing money, according to The Washington Post.

Patients say they have been discouraged by lengthy applications and warnings that marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Doctors are reluctant to write recommendations for marijuana, the article notes.

Since the first dispensary opened in July, only 59 patients have had their names added to the list of those who can legally purchase medical marijuana. Just over half of the patients have HIV/AIDS. Patients with cancer and glaucoma are also eligible to participate.

At a hearing Monday, medical marijuana advocates urged the D.C. Council to relax the city’s strict medical marijuana standards. They said the city needs to improve the way it trains doctors and communicates about the program with them. They also said the list of chronic or terminal illnesses that qualify for medical marijuana should be expanded.


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