University of Pittsburgh Head Gets Alcohol Prevention Leadership Award

University of Pittsburgh chancellor Mark. A. Nordenberg has been named the winner of the 2009 Presidential Leadership Award for his work in “promoting a vibrant intellectual and social campus climate that de-emphasizes the role of alcohol,” according to an announcement from The Gordie Foundation and Outside the Classroom.

Nordenberg was recognized for his work in developing the school’s alcohol task force, public awareness campaigns, and the PantherWELL peer-education program.  “The highly effective campus programs that Chancellor Nordenberg has set in place provide a great foundation for other schools to create their own plans of educating students about the dangers of alcohol,” said Leslie Lanahan, founder of The Gordie Foundation.  

The award includes a $50,000 grant. The Gordie Foundation was founded by the parents of a college student who died from binge drinking; Outside the Classroom is an alcohol prevention company that developed the AlcoholEdu program for colleges.

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