U.K. Bar Owners Face Jail Time for Drink Specials

Bars in the U.K. are being banned from running “all you can drink” specials, and owners who violate the new rules could face six months in prison and more than $30,000 in fines, the Telegraph reported April 6.

Promotions like free drinks for women and speed-drinking contests also would be banned. Gimmicks involving pouring drinks into patrons’ mouths will be prohibited, and bars will be required to provide free water to customers upon demand.

Starting in October, bar owners will be required to check the IDs of anyone who looks under age 18, and bars will have to offer smaller serving sizes for those who want to drink less.

The new rules are designed to stem the rise in binge drinking in the U.K., which has accelerated since the government began allowing 24-hour alcohol service in 2003.

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