Twitter Suggests People Engage in Blackout Drinking to Celebrate or Cope with Stress

empty drinking glass

People most often drink until they black out because they are celebrating or coping with stress, an analysis of Twitter suggests.

Researchers analyzed hundreds of tweets posted over four days in 2018 about people’s plans to drink until they blacked out, HealthDay reports. Almost one-third of the tweets described specific motives. The most common included celebrating birthdays, school or work accomplishments, a sports win, vacations or holidays. Blackout drinking was also linked to coping with stress, negative emotions or loss.

The researchers suggested that education about blackout drinking be included in prevention campaigns by schools, universities and community groups to reduce drinking linked to celebrations.

The findings are published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

How to Start Addressing Your Teen’s Drug or Alcohol Use

When you hear “intervention,” you probably conjure images of a planned group confrontation. When we talk about intervention, we’re simply referring to the process of addressing your child’s drug use, and it needn’t involve a formal confrontation. In fact, it’s most beneficial to focus on having a conversation instead.

Father and mother talking to girl teen