Smoking May be Banned Outside NYC Health Facilities

Smokers in New York City may no longer be able to light up on any hospital property or within 15 feet of their entrances and exits under a newly passed City Council bill, the Associated Press reported July 29.

The bill restricts smoking at or near public and private hospitals, as well as at residential medical centers and diagnostics and treatment facilities.

Patients should not “have to walk through plumes of smoke” when entering a health center, said Christine Quinn, speaker of the City Council.

Critics such as New York resident Carmen Pinto object to the new bill, which would essentially restrict smoking on some of the city’s busy streets and sidewalks. “I’m outside. It doesn’t affect anyone. It’s open-air here,” said Pinto as she smoked outside of New York University Downtown Hospital. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is said to be in favor of the bill.

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