Rate of Nicotine Vaping Among 8th Graders Almost Doubled in Past Year

teen girls vaping e-cigarettes

A new survey finds the rate of nicotine vaping among 8th graders in the United States almost doubled in the past year. The rate among 12th graders rose 22%, according to Reuters.

The findings, from the Monitoring the Future survey, appear in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The survey found one-fourth of 12th graders and almost 10% of 8th graders reported vaping a nicotine product in the previous month. The article notes the actual rates are likely much higher, because many people vape non-nicotine products designed to taste like sweets, such as cotton candy and bubblegum. Those products were not included in the survey.

“The (nicotine) increase is extensive and we see it in every single grade,” lead study author Richard Miech told Reuters. “Last year the increase in nicotine vaping was the largest increase of any substance we’ve ever tracked in 44 years. I thought, ‘This can’t continue.’ But sure enough, it did. And this increase ranks among the largest we’ve ever seen.”

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