Prudential to Increase Life Insurance Rates for People Who Vape

Insurance company Prudential announced it will classify people who use e-cigarettes as smokers when calculating life insurance rates, CBS News reports. Previously, the company charged smokers more than people who used e-cigarettes, the article notes.

“Increased attention on vaping over the past few months and linkages to a few deaths and multiple illnesses, have resulted in warnings from the FDA, federal government and some states banning the use of flavored e-cigarettes,” a company spokesman told CNBC.

Other life insurance companies that provide a discount to people who vape include Global Atlantic Life, MassMutual and United of Omaha, according to CBS News.

How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping [GUIDE]

Vaping’s popularity exploded seemingly overnight, and it took many parents and families by surprise. Vaping, or Juuling as it is often referred to by teens and young adults (named after a popular vape device called JUUL), is the inhaling and exhaling of an aerosol produced by using a vape device.


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