Police Warn Parents About Drugs That Look Like Candy in Advance of Halloween

Police in a suburb of Atlanta are warning parents to check their children’s Halloween treats, after they confiscated drugs that look like candy.

Officers in Hapeville, Georgia seized pills in the shape of Hello Kitty, Homer Simpson and the Minions from Despicable Me that a child might mistake for sweet and sour candy, USA Today reports.

“Our concern is these pills look like candy,” department officials said. “Small children might ingest these items mistaking them for candy. Teens may see these drugs as less of a danger based on their looks.”

The department said the incident is a good reminder for parents, teachers and coaches to warn children about the dangers of drugs in advance of Halloween, when they are encouraged to take candy from strangers. An adult should check all Halloween candy before children are allowed to eat their sweets, the department advised.

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