Painkiller Overdoses Hit Ohio Hard

Fatal overdoses of prescription drugs are having a devastating effect in Ohio, The New York Times reports. In the last decade, fatal overdoses have more than quadrupled and are now more common than car crashes as a cause of accidental death in the state. Last month Ohio Governor John R. Kasich announced the state will spend $36 million in new funding to fight prescription drug abuse.

Portsmouth, Ohio, a town with some of the highest rates of prescription drug overdoses in the state, is seeing an increase in younger overdose victims. Chief of Police, Charles Horner, told the newspaper that the town is now raising third and fourth generations of people who abuse prescription drugs. The article notes that many young people get the drugs indirectly from dealers and others who have access to prescriptions.

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    Brinna Nanda

    April 24, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    Let’s be perfectly clear. These deaths are primarily opioid overdoses. The overwhelming anecdotal evidence that the concurrent use of cannabis can greatly reduce the need for opiate-analgesics demands that we immediately reschedule cannabis at the federal level. Doing so would open the way for robust research of this extremely safe substance, and permit its use in pain management.

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    Jane Doe

    April 23, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Here we go AGAIN… with this bullcr#p POLICE STATE nonsense! Give an inch and they’ll take a MILE. Eventually, these essential, but “evil” opiates will just be altogether BANNED. Even those in genuine pain must suffer because of a few that abuse them… WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF BIG BROTHER’S ANYWAY?! Let Washington and the law fight the REAL problems that affect EVERYONE… like the DEFICIT! But people do NOT want to jump through even MORE hoops just to get the meds they need…the consequences WILL be dire. I can foresee even ASPIRIN made prescription only– or ILLEGAL ALTOGETHER in the near future! This is RIDICULOUS. A person has the RIGHT to do to their OWN bodies what they will! PLEASE, for the love of G-d stay OUT of my medicine cabinet, and let those in real pain have better access to the meds that make their miserable lives more comfortable!!

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