Opana: Newest Prescription Painkiller Being Abused in Rural Areas

Opana, a powerful opioid, is increasingly being abused in rural America, Reuters reports.

At least nine people have died so far in 2012 from prescription drug overdoses in Scott County, Indiana, and most of the deaths involved Opana.

Low-income people and those living in rural areas are at particular risk of prescription drug overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Law enforcement officials report that Opana abuse began after OxyContin was reformulated in 2010, to make it more difficult to snort or inject. Opana is more potent, per milligram, than OxyContin, making it potentially more deadly, the article notes. Many people who abuse Opana do not realize how strong it is.

People using Opana to get high crush the drug and either snort or inject it. It is an extended-release pill, so crushing it releases the drug all at once. “This Opana pill has really kicked us in the rear,” Indiana State Police Sergeant Jerry Goodin told Reuters. “We’ve never seen an addiction like this.”

While some people who abuse Opana buy them from “pill mills,” others get them from their doctors, or buy them from elderly people who have a prescription for the pills.

Endo Pharmaceuticals, which makes Opana, has announced it is reformulating the drug. The pill will be more difficult to crush, and will turn gooey if liquid is added to it. There has been an increase in pharmacy robberies by people seeking the current formulation of Opana pills since the reformulation was announced.

Opana is prescribed for chronic back pain, as well as pain related to cancer and osteoarthritis.

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    July 21, 2017 at 11:04 AM

    What is the cost for a prescription of opana, with insurance, what’s the co pay?

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    rhonda roberts

    October 2, 2016 at 6:25 PM

    I agree with most reaponse on here but u have to look at it on both sides if its formulated to. Not be so easy to ingest the wrong way the abuser will not u s e opana but they will go to a more readley drug available to them. It doesnt matter what drug it is they are going to find it an use what ever means they can to break it down for their use. I too can not use other pain killers they do not agree with my system but opana does. It brings me relief an no bad side effects so when they take this away were am i going then. My quality of life is so much better with the drug. Thats like one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. When someone does something wrong it cau
    se problems for other people for example. If someone robs a store well that make cameras go up security tighter an prices go up all because of one bad apple. If anyone has suggestions please address them on a forum so that we can all benifit from this

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    November 13, 2015 at 8:48 AM

    YES I agree , by pepole taking opana not as suposed to , and even if its their misfortion and they end up dead yes it saddens me but its not the drugs fault or the drs.eather !!!!
    Frankly its pepole like that abuse it and make it hard for people who need it that suffer from cronic pain 24/7. Who just want a better quality of life who’s life with out pain meds is a living HELL. !!! God bless the creator of OPANA!!

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    Robin Hode

    October 15, 2015 at 2:30 PM

    If society were serious about ending drug abuse, it would be ended. Once people understand that their corporatist masters fuel this addiction maybe they will begin to think critically, ignore the political rhetoric and let the market achieve what the collectivists/socialists cannot, will not.

    Why is the question never asked as to why the US government is footing the bill both in terms of R&D for pharmaceutical companies and then paying for endpoint sales through programs like Medicaid (hint: “Low-income people and those living in rural areas are at particular risk of prescription drug overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”). Of course the US wants it population drugged to a zombie-like state so that they won’t notice what their overlords in DC are doing to them not to mention to people around the world.

    The end result is the further disenfranchisement of people in rural America, more treatment, more drug abuse rhetoric more diversion and red herrings all courtesy of the US taxpayer who is already bled dry. But don’t worry, Uncle Sam then just prints more money till the point it’s worthless and as usual the taxpayer and the working class is left holding the bag.

    Want to stop drug abuse (and the illegal wars abroad to boot!)? Then stop paying taxes or stop buying ANYTHING for a month and watch how fast things change. Or keep doing what you’re doing and getting what you’re getting, the choice is yours.

    One more thing, turn off the television and think for yourselves, before you completely lose the ability! Do you honestly believe that the same government that is owned partly by the corporate pharmaceutical oligarchy wants ANYONE to stop buying their product with money forcibly extracted from an unthinking, programmed and over medicated population?

    And now, the Affordable Healthcare Act? What are people thinking? Guess they’re not….

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