North Carolina Is First State to Sue E-Cigarette Maker Juul

North Carolina has become the first state to sue e-cigarette maker Juul, alleging the company caused addiction in consumers through deceptive marketing and targeting youth, The Washington Post reports.

The suit, filed by North Carolina Attorney General Joshua Stein, is asking the court to require Juul to stop selling e-cigarettes to minors in the state. Stein also wants Juul to limit the number of pod flavors sold in the state, cease advertising practices that appeal to young consumers, and delete all customer data for consumers under age 18.

In a news release, Stein said, “Juul targeted young people as customers. As a result, vaping has become an epidemic among minors. Juul’s business practices are not only reckless, they’re illegal. And I intend to put a stop to them. We cannot allow another generation of young people to become addicted to nicotine.”

How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping [GUIDE]

Vaping’s popularity exploded seemingly overnight, and it took many parents and families by surprise. Vaping, or Juuling as it is often referred to by teens and young adults (named after a popular vape device called JUUL), is the inhaling and exhaling of an aerosol produced by using a vape device.


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