New TV Ads Aim to Scare People Away From Trying Opioids

New television ads produced by the nonprofit tobacco control group Truth Initiative aim to scare people away from trying opioids.

In one ad, a construction worker purposely slams a door on his arm, while in another ad, a young man grasps s a hammer, takes three breaths, and brings it down on his hand. In a third ad, a young woman aims her car at wall of trash bins, unbuckles her seat belt and steps on the gas.

The ads are designed to show the lengths people, struggling with an addiction to opioids, will go to in order to get new prescriptions, NBC News reports. The Truth Initiative is collaborating with the Ad Council and the Office of National Drug Control Policy on “The Truth About Opioids” campaign. The new ads build on the group’s ongoing anti-smoking campaigns, the article notes.

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