New Indiana Alcohol Law: ID Everyone

Starting July 1, store owners in Indiana will be required to check legal photo identification from all alcohol buyers, regardless of how old they appear, the Associated Press reported June 5.

The law will apply to any establishment selling “carry-out” alcohol — such as liquor stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and supermarkets — but not restaurants, bars, and other businesses where drinks are consumed on the premises.

Scot Imus, executive director of the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, hailed the new rule, citing a recent police sting that found approximately 25 percent of minors were able to obtain alcohol illegally from convenience stores and gas stations.

“Hopefully, with the new policy, a new study would find zero percent sales to minors,” he said.

Others, such as state Rep. Woody Burns, are less enthused.

“It seems to be overkill,” Burton said. “The problem isn't that older people are buying alcohol. The problem is that the alcohol is right next to the potato chips … where any minor could sneak off with it.”

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