New Hampshire City Opens Fire Stations to People Addicted to Opioids

Manchester, New Hampshire has opened the doors of its fire stations to people addicted to opioids, in an effort to address its community’s opioid crisis.

The city of 110,000 people began its “Safe Station” program in May. Since then about 370 people have shown up at fire stations, The Wall Street Journal reports. A person walking into a fire station is checked for medical problems that might require a ride to the hospital. The person is then connected to a nearby nonprofit. Some end up in a recovery center or outpatient program, while others take information and return on another day.

At least 70 percent of people who have sought help in fire stations have gone into treatment, according to Christopher Hickey, the fire department EMS officer who created the program.

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    Tracie G.

    September 11, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    This needs to be done all over the US! Many people have no clue what will happen to them when they get hurt and a doctor gives them pain meds. They don’t set out to get hooked on the pills. It just happens and it happens quick! Before you know it, you can’t live life without them because you get sick when you have none. I had strep throat and a doctor gave me tabs for it. Those pills took ALL my aches and pains away and gave me energy. I never dreamed I’d end up taking 50 pills/day after 3 years! Now I’m on Suboxone, but I’ve been on it for 8 years for addiction and chronic pain. No one told me that coming off of Suboxone is 100 times worse than coming off from the tabs and it can actually kill me! Now what do I do? While on suboxone, I have earned a college degree, raised a big family, and have a great job. If I don’t have this medication, I get sick and my world crumbles! I am fearful every day that something may happen (a disaster, fire, etc.) or they’ll stop selling this, or my doctor will move, etc.. I hate feeling this way and I hate depending on something like this, but what do I do? I’m stuck! I’m an addict! This medicine saved my life, but now without it, I have no life! I’m not even sure why I wrote all of this. I feel scared and helpless every day of my life!

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