National Synthetic Drug Crackdown Leads to Arrests

National Synthetic Drug Crackdown Leads to Arrests- Join Together News Service from the Partnership for Drug-Free KidsMore than 100 people nationwide were arrested by federal drug agents in the latest phase of a crackdown on the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs, the Associated Press reports.

The DEA and other state and federal agents arrested more than 150 people in 16 states since July 2014 in an operation that ended last Thursday.

Over $15 million in cash and assets were seized by federal agents as part “Project Synergy,” an ongoing effort by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that aims to eliminate synthetic drugs.

The DEA has been focusing on synthetic drugs, including bath salts, Spice and Molly, since the drugs gained widespread popularity years ago. The agency is responsible for enforcing federal drug laws.

A bipartisan group of U.S. representatives has introduced a bill designed to combat the increasing use of synthetic drugs. The bill would add more than 200 compounds to the list of Schedule I drugs, which are likely to be abused and have no medical uses.

“These drugs are, in my judgment, more serious than the drugs that are on the Controlled Substance Act, more dangerous,” said bill co-sponsor Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents Washington, D.C. “These are right out in the open. They’re disguised in colored wrapping with snappy names to appeal to young people and children in particular. They are cheap. Much cheaper than the dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin. They’re sold everywhere. And drugs that are sold everywhere are presumed to be safe. They are openly marketed as an alternative to dangerous drugs and they have bizarre effects.”

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    October 20, 2015 at 1:47 PM

    I am dumbfounded that we live in a society that promotes/encourages children to put these clandestine manufactured chemicals into their bodies without a clue as to what their chemical composition is and what short and long term side effects they may have. If they can’t make positive choices for themselves it is the responsibility of the adults in society to protect them form there own self destructive tendencies.

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