“Molly,” Powder or Crystal Form of MDMA, is Popular at Music Festivals

“Molly,” the powder or crystal form of MDMA, the chemical used in Ecstasy, has been a popular drug at music festivals this year, CNN reports.

Molly, short for molecule, is considered to be pure MDMA, unlike Ecstasy, which generally is laced with other ingredients, such as caffeine or methamphetamine. According to Pax Prentiss, co-founder and CEO of Passages rehabilitation centers in Southern California, molly users tend to be ages 16 to 24.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers MDMA to be a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it has a high potential for abuse, and no accepted use in medical treatment. The DEA notes that MDMA can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, and drug craving. The drug also can cause muscle tension, tremors, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness, chills, sweating, and blurred vision. “High doses of MDMA can interfere with the ability to regulate body temperature, resulting in a sharp increase in body temperature (hyperthermia), leading to liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure. Severe dehydration can result from the combination of the drug’s effects and the crowded and hot conditions in which the drug is often taken,” the DEA reports.

While fewer than 4 percent of emergency room visits in 2009 were due to MDMA use, the national Drug Abuse Warning Network found that from 2004 to 2009, there was a 123 percent increase in the number of emergency room visits involving MDMA taken alone or in combination with pharmaceuticals, alcohol or both.


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    Jake Rodger

    March 12, 2017 at 4:06 PM

    I first tried MDMA when I was 16. It was only my second time going out clubbing when I was offered a pill known as a “laugh now cry later”. Unfortunately I was unaware of websites at the time regarding the contents of certain pills but I was assured that the bright blue pill only contained MDMA. It was around 9 0’clock when I consumed the pill although I did not begin to feel the effects for another 40 mins. At around 9:30 my friend who had also taken the same pill as me said she wasn’t feeling too we’ll. I later found out she was feeling sick from the alcohol rather than the pill itself. I could still not feel the effects and with my friend vomiting I decided to help her home. We arrived at the train station at 9:45 and told her I was going to take a piss. When I arrived back from the bathroom the train had arrived and I couldn’t see her anywhere. So I presumed she had gotten on the train. As soon as I entered the train, I shit u not, the pill I had taken decided to hit me like a train. I had began to feel a come up but nothing was like this. It was as if a wave of euphoria had hit me. I took a seat on the train and honestly couldn’t give a shit where my friend was. I was just coming to grips with my new “super powers”. The train journey was 15 mins however it felt like 2. I had spent those firemen minutes looking at a the bald head of the passenger I front of me whilst clenching my jaw. I arrived in the city centre still unable to give a shit where she was. Now like any other normal person u would presume I would go look for her or ring her phone. But no I decide to walk another 15 mins to the cinema. The journey there was somewhat amazing, every time I passed a bar playing music I would suddenly feel more and more happy. I arrived at the cinema at around 10:20 when the last showing was about to start. The movie was called “live by night” about gangsters in the 1930s. As I asked the employee at the till for a ticket I was certain he was thinking ” u fucking loner”. The cinema itself was almost empty tho I decided to sit right beside a couple in the middle row. Like what the fuck. 100+ seats free and I sit beside two emos feeling each other up. The movie began and I had completely forgotten about my friend. I recieved a phone call 20 mins in to the movie. ” jake where are u?” Who’s this, I said” ” mark u fucking mong, u left Sarah at the train station, where are u now? ” in the cinema” I whispered. What? he replied. “I said I’m in the cinema”this time a lot louder than before. Why the fuck are u in the cinema? Who are u with?. “Myself”. are u seriously this fucked up u ended up in the cinema after taking a bumble (Northern Ireland term for ecstasy). “I’m coming to get you, what cinema u at?”he said. “No there’s still an hour and a half left”.

    The movie itself was amazing but half way through reality hit me. Why the fuck did I go to the cinema??? As soon as the movie ended I forgot everything about it apart from 2 scenes. I left to go home still buzzing, talking to complete strangers on my way. I finalky arrived home in the early hours if the morning, with voicemails from everyone that had heard I ended up in the cinema. The next day I realised why the pill was called a “laugh now, cry later” as the comedown itself was something terrible. I felt so depressed.

    I looked up the pill I had taken on a website called pill review and was shocked to c what the pill contained. Yes there was MDMA but a more dangerous substance known as PMA was also in the pill. However the most shocking was the KET, that made up a quarter of the pill.

    My advice is to all that are thinking about trying ecstasy pills is too check what ur pill contains by simply entering the details of ur pill into pill report or pill review.
    I have since taken pills rather frequently and have always checked what the pills contain. If ur pull is said to contain high amounts of PMA. Don’t take it. If it contains ket. We’ll lets just say ur I for a hell of a ride.

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