Missouri Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has signed into law a bill that requires drug screening for people applying for or receiving welfare benefits.

Under the new law, a person who tests positive or refuses to undergo testing and does not complete a substance abuse program will lose benefits for three years, KMOX reports. If the person participates in a substance abuse program and does not test positive for at least six months, he or she can keep their benefits.

To protect children in families who have lost benefits under the new law, the state will appoint a third party to receive benefits on behalf of the children.

On the federal level, a bill introduced in the House by Louisiana Republican Charles Boustany would require drug testing for anyone applying for or receiving benefits under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. A similar bill, proposed in the Senate by Utah Republican Orrin Hatch, died last year.

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    Taxpayer. Thats right, Period.

    October 26, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    Sorry for the typos but i was mad. i agree with probable cause and implementation for ongoing benefits. I also know first hand what severe chronic pain with no end in sight means. i know what its like to be proud of what i earned, have it all taken away because of someone elses mistake, then be turned into a statistic and lumped in with stereo-typical bums who are taking advantage of the system. i dont want to be on disability. i dont want medicaid. What i want and what i NEED,
    are two different things. Had i received my temp benefits to start with, i would have the last five years to be proud of, only now i have the last five years of depression, despair,hopelessness, and loss of faith. Now i have to pray they can fix what was ignored because i had no medical insurance. I have to almost starve yet another winter, pray,say pennance, and SURVIVE. Cause thats how i am……

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    Taxpayer. Thats right, Period.

    October 26, 2014 at 3:27 AM

    I have no drug addiction. I have paid taxes since i was 13. I DID NOT recieve temporary, supplemental, nor long term disability, nor medicaid after having my leg crushed in an accident five years ago, based soley on my age, and a doctors OPINION that i would not be disabled for at least a year.Problem is, before this doctor was fired last year, he drained my synovial (knee) fluid every two weeks for four years, and told me there was nothing wrong with me. My new doctor found a three year old xray with a hole through my femur 3/4s of an inch around. I have yet to recieve any help from the taxes i paid my whole life. I was a hard worker with an impeccable work record.With a blown out knee, 100 screws, 2 plates and a rod in my leg
    in the last five years i smoked a joint. I took painkillers that were prescribed to friends.When you are faced with Bueracracy
    and made to suffer, while drug addicts who dont want help, Latinos with no visa, and people who claim mental problems are almost automatically GIVEN my benefits. No pain management my Ortho says. Heres this arthritis case of the century.

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    Penny A.

    November 15, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    @kt- Oh yeah, get a job!!?? Why do you think government assistance has increased so much since the reccesion? There aren’t enough jobs, not enough good jobs that you can live off of. The middle class is shrinking and people can’t pay their bills and feed their children. Not having a job can lead to depression, feelings of failure and drug addiction. Drug addiction is an illness, it’s not something you can control-without help. Instead of victimizing these people even more, how about offer free rehab. Our country and it’s people are way too quick to label people and write them off. Take a moment and see how people on welfare live, and if you have a drug addiction your living situation is even more volatile-sometimes leading to death. The most disenfranchised of us are victimized the most. These people need help and guidance, not punishment. I agree education is the key. Take a look at a stack of resumes sometime-most are just high school graduates or GED’s. If you want to get a good paying job you need some college. That’s the real problem here, our government isn’t supporting education enough and the good jobs that use to pay without a college degree are disappearing everyday. Government is always about look over here at this superficial mess, don’t look at what were doing or failing to do. Shame on Jay Nixon for signing this bill, costing taxpayers so much money to “root out” and punish very low-income drug users who may get food stamps, we got to save that $40 a week we gave that guy, right? But wait, we spent $100 to do it, oops.

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    November 19, 2012 at 6:02 PM

    It comes down to the people on welfare just need to get a job. If they are able to buy drugs and alcohol then they clearly don’t need welfare. I am for this law and support it I’m sick of the free bee people living off welfare its so pathetic. Stop having kids if you can’t pay for them or buy “protection” if you Cant afford that then stop doing it. Stop living off the government. If you can get drugs you don’t need welfare simple as that stop being whiney and finding every ex use in the book to get free money. Get a JOB!!!!!!

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