Medical Marijuana Collective in Retirement Community Courts Controversy

A medical marijuana collective is operating in the middle of one of the largest U.S. retirement communities, in Southern California, reflecting a growing nationwide trend as more elderly citizens use marijuana to deal with aches and pains. The collective’s members use marijuana to relieve chemotherapy-related nausea, arthritic pain and other conditions.

The collective operates within a gated campus that houses 18,000 people, the Associated Press reports. About 150 senior citizens belong to the collective, which is both thriving and controversial, according to the article.

Some members of the community grow marijuana plants and have workshops to demonstrate how to turn the plants’ leaves into tea, milk and a vapor that can be inhaled. All of the members of the Laguna Woods Village collective have a medical marijuana card that is valid under California law. The cards can be obtained for a variety of ailments with a doctor’s recommendation.

Members of the collective say they have encountered opposition from fellow residents. The board that governs the community has prohibited the cultivation of marijuana on the village’s property. However, residents with medical marijuana cards can still grow six plants, the state limit, per person in their private residences.

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    June 11, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    Actually there are numerous rules and regulations present within the jurisdiction of Riverside County and it cities as it relates to cannabis dispensaries. Yours is a landlord/tenant issue which you and other concerned tenants should certainly take up with property management rather than using that argument as a basis for the demonization of medical cannabis within the State of California. I can think of a lot of other legal types of business with which I would not want to share the same building for many of the same reasons you state for marijuana. Liquor stores in particular come to mind.

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    Maritza Arevalo

    June 10, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    In the building where we work in Riverside CA, there are 2 dispensaries. There are not regulations of any kind when it comes to the operating site, so because everyone in the building share the ventilation/air conditioning, the whole building smell like pot. No to mention people smoking in the hall, in and out of the building, in the cars, etc. Many times we had to go home with headaches and nausiated. The worst is that there are nothing that we can do.

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