Marijuana Delivery Services Spring Up in Washington State

Marijuana delivery services are springing up in Washington state, where recreational marijuana for adults is now legal, but state-run stores won’t start selling the drug for non-medical purposes until later this year.

One such business is the Winterlife Cooperative Cannabis Delivery Service, which delivers marijuana to anyone age 21 and older in the greater Seattle area. The company provides a daily menu of marijuana strains and edible products, and charges about $80 per quarter ounce. Customers can also order a “Critter Box” starter kit for $350, which includes several types of marijuana and hash, along with a pipe and vaporizer. Winterlife is a cash-only business, Time reports.

On its website, Winterlife tells customers it will not ship its products. The company adds, “It is illegal to take cannabis products out of state, we cannot condone the removal of our cannabis products from WA state or give advice on how to avoid detection in the process of removal of cannabis products from WA state. So Really, DON’T ASK!”

According to Seattle Police Spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, marijuana delivery services are not legal, but added he does not expect authorities to take action against them.

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    February 12, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    Look they are already operating illegally. Where is the great taxes the state was going to get. These are nothing but drug dealers who are breaking the law.

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