Latest Synthetic Drug to Hit St. Louis: “N-Bomb”

The synthetic drug known as “N-Bomb” is being seen on the streets of St. Louis, KMOX reports. The drug is also known as “Smiles,” according to Dan Duncan, with the local office of the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

The drug is often called N-Bomb because its chemical name is 25I-NBOMe. It is made from mescaline, and is similar to LSD. It is ingested as a liquid, powder, or on a blotter, the article notes. The drug can be harmful to kidneys, and can trigger mental health issues.

Last month, WHTM reported N-Bomb was believed to be responsible for the death of a high school student in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In May, police in Scottsdale, Arizona said they were investigating whether the deaths of two 18-year-olds were linked to N-Bomb.

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