Juiced Marijuana Offered to Medical Users as Alternative to Smoking

A California physician is offering his medical-marijuana patients a liquefied version of the drug that he says won’t produce much of a buzz but does contain chemicals helpful in treating a variety of illnesses, the Washington Post reported June 1.

Willets, Calif., physician William Courtney, M.D., said that marijuana with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) seems to have the most medical potential; ironically, CBD levels seem to be lowest in marijuana strains of the plant that are highest in THC — the main psychoactive substance in marijuana.

“What has happened is, almost all strains available in America through the black market are THC concentrates,” said Ethan Russo, senior medical adviser to GW Pharmaceuticals, which is developing the marijuana-based pain medication Sativex. “The CBD in almost all cases has been bred out. The reason is cannabis in this country has been cultivated for its intoxicating effect.”

Medical-marijuana advocates want to see more research into CBD. “The bridge to legalization is medical marijuana,” said Addison DeMoura, one of the owners of the Steep Hill Medical Collective in Oakland. “I believe the bridge from medical marijuana to real science will be CBDs.”