Inhaling Alcohol: Dangerous Trend, Expert Says

Some college students are experimenting with inhaling alcohol by pouring it over dry ice and “smoking” the vapors, according to an expert who says the practice is dangerous.

Young adults are inhaling alcohol to get high without ingesting calories, the Daily News reports.

Dr. Harris Stratyner, Regional Clinical Vice President of Caron Treatment Centers in New York, told the newspaper, “When you inhale alcohol, it goes directly into the lungs and circumnavigates the liver. The liver is what metabolizes alcohol, but when you inhale it, it goes directly from the lungs to the brain.”

The practice is more likely to lead to deadly alcohol poisoning than drinking liquor, he said. Inhaling alcohol vapors can dry out the nasal passages and mouth, making a person more susceptible to infection, Stratyner added.

“One of the things that prevents alcohol poisoning is that you usually vomit,” he noted. “When you circumvent the stomach and go straight to the lungs, you don’t have that ability.”

Inhaling alcohol has become more popular in the past year and a half, Stratyner said. “This is a stupid, highly dangerous thing to do. The fact that youngsters in particular can purchase the equipment for a relatively cheap price…this has to be made illegal.”

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    May 3, 2016 at 6:51 AM

    I don’t like alcohol. I never drink.

    But I inhale alcohol vapor every time I have a bad cough, and my cough goes away instantly within 10 minutes.

    The reason is simple: alcohol is a potent disinfectant. Ever since I invented this therapy 10 years ago, I haven’t seen a doctor

    And I don’t need any dry ice or heater. Just a plastic bag as a respirator at room temperature Will do

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    December 8, 2014 at 11:36 AM

    Making it illegal will make no real progress in fighting against people doing it. You can make it with household items, and you can’t dictate what people do in their own home. That’s an invasion of privacy, and trying to control people’s free will. If the people doing this sort of thing don’t do their own research, and have no regard for their own safety, then leave them to it. If they overdose, it’s their own fault.

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    December 7, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    When my daughter was little she had bad asthma sonwenhad to get a nebulizer machine for her. She dont have to use it anymore. A few years back at the time my neighbor was an EMT and we had gotten on the topic about this very thing. We figured a nebulizer would do basically the same thing so we broke out the nebulizer and a bottle of Bacardi and He and myselfself commensed to getting very drunk… So it works also and your not inhaling the CO2.

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