Georgia Institutes New Pain Clinic Rules to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed a law that requires pain clinics to be licensed by the state medical board, and new clinics to be owned by physicians. The measure is designed to reduce prescription drug abuse, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The law, which goes into effect July 1, states pain clinics must register every two years or face possible felony indictments. Georgia’s medical board can deny licensing to a pain clinic for reasons including the owner’s prior criminal conviction related to controlled substances, the article notes.

The number of pain clinics jumped in Georgia from 10 in 2010, to 140 the following year, after Florida cracked down on its own “pill mills.” Georgia is the ninth state to require that pain clinics be doctor-owned. Alabama and Indiana are considering similar measures.

Georgia’s prescription-drug monitoring program, aimed at catching people who obtain pain prescriptions from multiple physicians (known as “doctor shopping”), will launch in mid-June. Funding for the program is not guaranteed past this fall, the newspaper states.

In March, a report issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found the number of deaths due to oxycodone decreased by 29 percent in the state in the first six months of 2012, compared with the second half of the previous year. The report provides evidence Florida is successfully fighting the prescription drug abuse epidemic, officials said.

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    May 8, 2017 at 9:36 AM

    GA is so backwards that only 1,300 people have qualified for the pitifully useless “low THC” pills that GA allows. All the state legislature has to do is pass a resolution allowing GA Pain Management doctors to go by the CDC guidelines that suggest for PM clinicians not test for THC and that if they do, and they find it, they do not cut the patient off. CDC guidelines also suggest an annual urine test. Marijuana is wonderful for pain, depression, and ADHD. If you’ve had to be on opiates for any length of time you will know that they only take the edge off your pain and the change nstantbpain WILL consume your life and your interests. THC (pot) kills the pain, reduces the amount of opiates needed, and the right strain makes you feel like doing the things you want to do but hardly ever feel like doing. WHY… why in earth some people are so against other people feeling better is just beyond my comprehension. It’s like they think that if something actually makes you feel better then it’s against the will of God. I think what they want is a pain reliever that only kills pain no matter the side effects, no matter if you have no quality of life. People should buy and use a vaporizer but at the end of the day… plants that grow on the earth are given to us all by God. It is the height of arrogance for any group of people to deny the possession or use of any plant to anyone else. It is a God given right and that is most obvious!

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    Jan Fears

    June 18, 2015 at 10:31 AM

    Why are chronic pain sufferers held to the rule of no marijuana (for pain relief) use at the Pain Centers of Georgia? We are subjected to all sorts of “procedures”, ie, injections & a multitude of narcotic pain pills. According to this drug, The Government does not order the clinics to check us for marijuana – only to see if the meds we are prescribed are being taken properly. The Pain Centers check for marijuana all on their own & tell us the government requires them to.
    When are the Chronic Pain Sufferers getting a break! We deserve to be rid of our pain so we can have our lives to live again.

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    nick lovero

    May 16, 2014 at 2:19 AM

    You need to leave the sick alone. and make huge laws for the junkies that buy the pills. and the mills that deal to them makeing there owners responable.and to not allow hard class 2 drugs to be given to people with little or no injuries i seen a mill in swanniee ga give oxcottion 80 to a man with a broken finger nail…why are they still open send in dea agents to test out there writeing scripts policys and charge doctors And pill mill owners with traffieing narcotics. and put them in the same prisons we the peopke go to. no speical treatment for drug dealers. Write nathen dealer

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