First Lady Says She Wants to Help Give a Voice to Families Facing Addiction

First Lady Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump this week visited a West Virginia clinic that treats infants exposed to opioids in the womb. She said she wants to give a voice to families facing addiction, The New York Times reports.

“We need to open the conversation and teach children and young mothers that it’s dangerous to use drugs,” Mrs. Trump said. She asked how she can help. The clinic’s executive director, Rebecca Crowder, told her their priority is increased funding.

Jessica Hulsey Nickel, President and Chief Executive of the Addiction Policy Forum, a group of organizations working to increase awareness of the opioid crisis, said the First Lady’s visit was encouraging. “The more awareness and the brighter spotlight that we shine on this issue, the more likely we are to get the resources and new strategies that we need,” she said.

Photo credit: AFP Photos

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