Crime Does Not Increase in Areas Where Methadone Clinics Open, Suggests Study

Contrary to concerns that methadone treatment clinics attract crime to the surrounding area, a new study finds there is no evidence this occurs.

Researchers from the University of Maryland school of Medicine used FBI reports from the Baltimore Police Department to examine crime near 13 methadone clinics for a two-year period. They compared these reports to crime data for similar neighborhoods in Baltimore with no methadone clinics.

They also compared crime near methadone clinics, hospitals and convenience stories. They found crime was more likely to occur around convenience stores, The Baltimore Sun reports.

“The concern is that methadone treatment facilities are related to a higher crime rate in the area, but there is no evidence that this is what happens,” Antonello Bonci, Scientific Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, told the newspaper. “We hope this study will alleviate this concern. I hope people will look at this data and realize it is not a problem.”

Lead researcher Susan Boyd noted that methadone clinics have a bad reputation in communities.  “There are many more people out there who need treatment, but there are not enough slots and clinics available, and part of it is because of the community stereotypes they have about methadone clinics,” she said. Boyd said she hopes the study paves the way for more clinics to open, so that more people who need treatment can receive help.

The study appears in the journal Addiction.

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    John Dittmann

    January 28, 2017 at 8:26 AM

    Say what you want to say about Dr. Boyd but this is based on statistics. Feel free to obtain the numbers yourself; not only from this study but the many others across the country.
    As far as the “Methadone Industrial Complex” it is just like the “Insulin Industrial Complex” and the ” cancer and AIDS industrial” complex also known as “Big Pharma” and they have been keeping people alive for years. How are the traits of a ‘junkie’ any different from those exhibited by someone in a medically induced coma or a “persistent vegetative state”. Addiction is a disease, Methadone treatment is the gold standard. Yes there are people who abuse the system. This is is easy to do, there are not enough clinics because people like to compla about things such non-existent increases in crime rate; this all leads to overworked doctors and staff doing something amazing, keeping people alive. The value of life is equal among all man.
    Written by an addict, paramedic, and scientist
    John S. Dittmann, CCEMT-P , BSc,MSc

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    Larry Gregory

    January 30, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    Dr Boyd is a fraud . Let her live near BBH center at Mt Clare where junkies sit around all day waiting for METHADONE from the DEALER ( so called treatment ) . Doctors should prescirbe Bupe for treatment and not make addicts come eveyday to hang out with other addicts to get their FIX . How can they work if they even wanted to .

    The METHADONE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is no better than the Drug Cartels . Just keep them junkies for the MONEY .

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    Cham Green

    July 12, 2014 at 6:37 PM

    Dr. Susan Boyd is a fraud. She fails to mention that she works for the University of Maryland, this study was paid for by the University of Maryland and the University of Maryland operates the largest methadone clinic in Baltimore with 3000 clients per day. If Susan Boyd were to look at Baltimore arrest data and victim based crime reports, she’d find that the area around the University of Maryland methadone clinic at 1001 West Pratt Street has one of the highest concentrations of both arrests and victim based crime reported in Baltimore City. It is in the University of Maryland’s best interest to convince the city government and the state government that the sky high rate of crime in the area has nothing to do with the 3000 addicts that flood the neighborhood every single day. This clinic has devastated both the Hollins Market neighborhood and the Eutaw Street business area since it became operational. Don’t let this dangerous fraudster fool you, the big overwhelming problem is the University of Maryland methadone treatment clinic.

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