Congress Holds Hearings on Juul’s Role in Youth Nicotine Addiction Epidemic

Juul vaping e-cigarettes

Congress is holding hearings this week to examine Juul Lab’s role in the youth nicotine addiction epidemic, according to CNN.

The Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy is hearing testimony from research experts, parents, students and representatives from Juul Labs. According to a news release, the subcommittee is looking into “Juul’s role in the youth nicotine addiction epidemic, marketing to youth, misleading health claims, and new partnerships with traditional tobacco companies.”

Two students told the committee a Juul representative repeatedly told a ninth-grade classroom the company’s e-cigarette was “totally safe,” and showed the students the device.

Stanford University professor Dr. Robert Jackler told the committee, “We know very well having studied tobacco advertising that Juul’s marketing faithfully recapitulates the methods used by the tobacco industry to target young people,” according to CNBC.

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