Binge Drinkers Try to Sweat Off Alcohol

Many binge drinkers turn to exercise to compensate for the physical toll of overconsumption, but experts warn that some alcohol-related damage can’t be undone at the gym.

AFP reported Nov. 27 that researchers in the U.K. found that 28 percent of binge drinkers reported that they used exercise to try to shed alcohol-related pounds; many said guilt over a night of partying led them to the gym or pool the next day.

Among moderate drinkers, 19 percent said that they sometimes worked out after going out drinking.

“Everyone knows that regularly taking part in physical activity is important for maintaining good health,” said U.K. public health minister Gillian Merron. “But the truth is, if you have a big night at the pub, you’re not going to compensate with a workout the following day. Damage from regularly drinking too much can slowly creep up and you won’t see it until it’s too late.”

The survey was conducted for the British government’s Know Your Limits campaign.

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