Acting Head of Drug Enforcement Administration Resigns

Chuck Rosenberg DEA

Chuck Rosenberg, the acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), said he will resign at the end of the week, The New York Times reports. Law enforcement officials said Rosenberg has grown disillusioned with President Trump and feels he has little respect for the law.

Rosenberg previously served as Chief of Staff to former FBI Director James Comey. Trump fired Comey in May, and in July told law enforcement officers “please don’t be too nice” when handling crime suspects. Rosenberg sent an email to all DEA staff to tell them they should not mistreat suspects.

Rosenberg told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in late July that he did not want to be considered for the position of permanent DEA administrator. When Rosenstein asked Rosenberg if he wanted to remain at the Justice Department, he said no.

Photo credit: Associated Press

9-28-2017 DEA
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    Frank Winkler

    September 29, 2017 at 12:20 PM

    Good riddance. Politics and disloyalty should play absolutely no part in justice-related policy and enforcement issues.

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