Foundational Principles of the Inclán Clinical Training Academy

    The work we do is founded in a strong belief in science. The measurable truths and hard facts of science shape our understanding of what treatments and training models work, and we are committed to asking new questions and the possibility of unexpected answers. All of the foundations that follow emerge from this most ingrained belief.

    We also believe in the healing power of families. The science is inarguable that relational treatment works. Rather than understanding problems as solely existing within people, we are invested in identifying solutions that exist between people and between people and larger systems.

    We recognize and challenge oppressive and dehumanizing social systems. The science is undeniable that structural racism is the cause of widespread health disparities, and we are committed to accountability for ourselves and others to reflect on our own biases and worldviews.

    We understand that language matters. The science is clear that stigmatizing language and views reduce willingness of individuals and families to seek treatment and can negatively impact the treatment that providers offer. We believe in using scientifically accurate, person-first, and empowering language in training and treatment.


    Inclán Clinical Training Academy

    We provide training to practitioners serving families affected by substance use and related behavior problems.

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