Teens Tweet About Juul E-Cigarette Use at School

    Teens are bonding over Juul e-cigarettes on social media, a new study suggests.

    California researchers looked through more than 80,000 tweets that mentioned Juul, which delivers nicotine from a device that is the size and shape of a thumb drive.

    “We saw posts about using Juul or seeing someone else use Juul in elementary, middle or high school,” lead study author Jon-Patrick Allem of the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles told HealthDay. “Posts talked about using Juul in a school bathroom or at recess, and even in gym class.”

    Although Juul is marketed as a smoking alternative, very few Twitter users mentioned smoking cessation with Juul, the researchers report in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

    what if my kid is vaping or juuling

    How to Know if Your Kid is Vaping Marijuana — and What to Do About It

    Hardly a week goes by without another news article about vaping. In 2014, vaping was selected as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, beating out other candidates like “Bae” and “Budtender”. If they were picking a word today, it would more likely be JUUL or Juuling, the wildly popular “stealth vape” of adolescents.

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    July 2018