More Teens Say They Would Try Marijuana Or Use It More Often If It Were Legal

    One-fourth of high school seniors in the United States said they would try marijuana or use it more often if the drug were legalized, according to the nationwide Monitoring The Future survey. That is the highest rate in the 43-year history of the survey, HealthDay reports.

    The researchers found about 15 percent of high school seniors said they would try marijuana, and 10 percent of students who currently use the drug say they would use it more often, if it were legal.

    Survey co-investigator Richard Miech and colleagues wrote, “It is likely that the growing number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults plays a role in the increasing tolerance of marijuana use among 12th-grade students, who may interpret increasing legalization as a sign that marijuana use is safe and state-sanctioned.”

    parent talking to teen about drug use

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    June 2018