Public Health Experts Urge Congress to Ban Flavors in Juul and Other Tobacco Products

    Public health experts urged Congress this week to pass legislation to ban flavors in all tobacco products, including Juul and other e-cigarettes. The legislation would also prohibit advertising e-cigarettes to youths.

    In a congressional hearing on Wednesday, Susanne Tanski of the American Academy of Pediatrics said her group strongly supports the Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019. The bill is being considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, The Wall Street Journal reports.

    Tanski said flavors “light up the pleasure system” in teens’ brains. This leads teens to “get hooked, and then they don’t feel well unless they get more nicotine,” she said. Tanski noted teens are especially susceptible to advertising, including product placement in movies, and the use of influencers at concerts and on social media.


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    By Partnership Staff
    October 2019


    October 2019

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