Lung Association Wins Legal Battle with Northwest Chapter

    The Northwest chapter of the American Lung Association has been barred from using the national organization’s donor lists and name or spending money by a Seattle judge, the Associated Press reported Jan. 5.

    The chapter ran afoul of the national association after it transferred its headquarters building and $600,000 in assets to a new charitable entity. In ruling in favor of the American Lung Association, King County Superior Court Judge Regina Cahan said that the national group was likely to win its breach of contract lawsuit against the chapter.

    Officials of the Lung Association’s former Northwest chapter said they formed the new nonprofit so they could conduct fundraising not only for the chapter but also for other groups involved in lung health. The national group said the chapter was giving its assets to a group that would compete with the Lung Association for funding.

    The chapter had been the Lung Association’s representative in Alaska, Washington, and Idaho.


    January 2009