Drug-Free Communities Mentoring Program

    Grants of up to $75,000 are available to current Drug-Free Communities programs that can provide mentoring services to new or developing community anti-drug coalitions.

    The Drug-Free Communities Mentoring Program will make 16 grants totaling approximately $1.2 million to established coalitions.

    “The purpose of the DFC Mentoring Program is to provide grant funds to existing DFC grantees so that they may serve as Mentors to newly formed and/or developing coalitions that have never received a DFC grant,” according to the announcement. “Mentor grant funds should be used for the direct benefit of the Mentee Community/Coalition. Through the support of DFC mentoring funds, Mentor Coalitions are expected to share their expertise with non-grantee coalitions (Mentee Community/Coalition) and enable them to successfully compete for a DFC grant. Funding through this grant should support access for the Mentee Community/Coalition to the training and technical assistance necessary to help them form a community coalition and pursue a DFC grant.”

    Application deadline is April 24. For more information, see the grant announcement online.


    February 2009