DEA Says Tracking of Opioids From Manufacturers to Pharmacies Has Improved

    The acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) told the House Energy and Committee this week the agency is doing a better job of tracking the flow of opioid painkillers from manufacturers to pharmacies, The Washington Post reports.

    Robert Patterson told the committee the database that monitors the flow of opioid painkillers, known as ARCOS, used to be compiled manually. The DEA has computerized the database, which gives the agency a better sense of how many pills are being shipped. The agency can also analyze data from state prescription drug-monitoring programs and the Department of Health and Human Services. Patterson said the modernization of ARCOS is allowing the agency to use it in a “much more proactive manner” than in the past.

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    By Partnership Staff
    March 2018


    March 2018

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