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Call 1.855.378.4373 to schedule a call time with a specialist

    Parent Coaches and Volunteers

    Our volunteers are parents and family members who have been affected by a loved one’s substance use, individuals in recovery, and others throughout our vibrant communities who want to give their time and talents to let families know they’re not alone.

    What do our parent coaches do?

    All of our parent coaches are volunteers who have been personally affected by a family member’s — usually a child’s — substance use or addiction. Some have children in recovery; some have lost children; and some have children who are relapsed or are actively using.

    Parent coaches are there for our parents and families to listen with empathy, support them as they problem-solve and to guide them through ideas that may be helpful to their family’s situation. Parents seeking support and their parent coach typically have five conversations on the phone, usually about 45 minutes in length, over the course of 5-6 weeks.


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    Parent coaches talk about the benefits of peer-to-peer support

    There is nothing quite like speaking to someone else who has been in your situation. Our parent coaching program pairs those seeking additional guidance and support with a trained parent volunteer who has also traveled the path of dealing with a child’s substance use or addiction.

    What do our other volunteers do?

    Our parents and other supporters help to advocate for change, fundraise on our behalf, share their stories to help erase the stigma of addiction and more.

    No matter how big or small their contribution, without them we wouldn’t be able to provide the support to parents and families struggling with addiction that we do. Our volunteers understand the importance of family support and help you guide your loved ones in the direction of the help they deserve.

    Want to become a parent coach or other volunteer?

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