Help Secure Funding for Recovery and Family Support Programs

    The Senate is currently considering the HEALS Act to fund a number of pressing needs related to COVID-19, including substance use and mental health.

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    As it stands now, the legislation would provide $4.5 billion for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for treatment and prevention. We are asking that $50 million of that total be set aside for peer recovery, continuing care and ongoing community support for individuals to maintain their recovery and $5 million to fund local programs to help caregivers and families address substance use disorder and find care for a loved one.

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    Send a letter to your Senator urging them to include dedicated funding for recovery support and family support services in the HEALS Act!

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    The combination of social distancing, increased financial stress, loss of work, lack of structured time and uncertainty about the future — coupled with disruption to traditional and local care services — has created a perfect storm for mental health and addiction struggles and a pressing need for increased funding for treatment and support services.


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    Let Senators know how important it is to have dedicated funding for recovery support and family support services!

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    July 2020