Call Your Senators: Repealing the Affordable Care Act is Not the Answer

Medicaid is Essential to Addiction Treatment

Tell your Senator to protect the Medicaid expansion and Essential Health Benefits so that people with substance use disorder can receive the treatment they need. If Medicaid Expansion is repealed, states hardest hit by the opioid epidemic would be at greatest risk for reductions in coverage.

A fully integrated healthcare system must account for the treatment of substance use disorder. Addiction is a health issue, not a moral failing, and should be treated as such.

Your voice matters. CALL NOW.

Visit to quickly find your Senators’ names and contact information. If you can’t get through to the DC office, you can try their local state offices as well, and leave a message with staff there.

Not sure what to say? Use the following sample script.

Hi, my name is (STATE YOUR NAME), and I am deeply concerned about the Senate’s push to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I strongly urge the Senator to vote NO. We are in the midst of an opiate epidemic. With 144 people dying every day to an overdose, more Americans are in need of substance use disorder treatment than ever before. Taking away critical Medicaid coverage would only exacerbate this crisis and hurt the most vulnerable populations suffering from addiction.



Additional talking points to consider including:

  • We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic, with 144 people dying every day to a drug overdose.
  • The reported cuts to Medicaid will devastate the nearly 2 million Americans who have received treatment through Medicaid Expansion.
  • While roughly 22 million individuals are in need of treatment related to drugs or alcohol, only about 11% actually receive it.
  • Medicaid accounts for 25% of all mental health spending in the U.S. and 21% of all substance use disorder. Medicaid is a critical lifeline to individuals seeking treatment.
  • Medicaid pays for between 35-50% of all medication assisted treatment.

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