More than 100,000 fatal overdoses last year. More than 20 million people in need of treatment. The scale of the addiction and substance use epidemic is massive and, to have a positive impact, we have to respond in kind. That’s why we started the Addiction Crisis Emergency Fund.

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    What you do today can change a family's future.

    Partnership has set an aggressive goal of raising $1 million before the end of the year to launch the Addiction Crisis Emergency Fund.

    Those funds will then be deployed immediately to support those struggling with addiction and substance use by bolstering the following free resources and offerings, such as Partnership's in-person helpline, our Help & Hope personalized support program by text message, and additional online support sessions led by trained specialists.

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    Change the Story of Addiction

    Many of our programs tackle addiction and substance use by reaching families in need. But we area also pushing for systemic changes in how these challenges are approached. With your help, we can erase the stigma that has prevented treating addiction as the health care issue it is. We can raise awareness, educate others and change policy.

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    December 2021