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Started drinking, and drugging 13 years old mostly alcohol and cocaine. Loved to get high so everything else was not important. Went to highschool for 2 years and hung out with friends.Dropped out at 16 my father was not happy. Stole from mom, family,  friends and work. Continued until i was 22 going on 23. I got clean and sober at 22 now i am 42. Recovery has been up and down and all around. Good times and bad. The main reason i am still clean and sober without a doubt is my relationship with God that i developed slowly. Someone suggested to me pray in the morning ask God to keep you sober for that day, and thank him at night. This was the beginning of a relationship with God that is the most important in recovery because like we all find out people are fallible, and will let you down. God has never let me go he always has someone in line to help me  if someone failed me. The steps are a way to help you get rid of the blocks that are keeping you from a relationship with God. After working the steps the thing to do is to develop a relationship. Spend time reading literature and praying and meditating. A relationship you develop slowly by spending time together no different with this. Making meetings, a sponsor all very important, but remember that is human aid, and things happen. newcomers usually get burnt out, get resentments. When you develop a relationship with God all that will not matter because you know you're in his hands. Sorry for sounding like im preaching just seen it a lot in my 19 years of AA.

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