Real Stories

Medicine abuse has impacted families of all types. Thank you to all those gracious enough to share their stories in order to inspire and teach others.

Ronnie’s Story

With a full football scholarship to Tennesse State and on the road to play pro, Ronnie became addicted to prescription medicine and overdosed before he and his family could see his dreams become a reality.

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea became addicted to prescription medicine, which lead her to living in a car and stealing jewelry for money to support her addiction. Today, Chelsea is grateful that her mother’s tough love helped turn her life around.

Nacho’s Story

Nacho and his parents are shocked at how quickly and deeply he became addicted to prescription medication and advise locking up your medicine cabinet.

Sean’s Story

Sean was introduced to DXM binges through friends and couldn’t walk the first time he tried it. In his abuse, he didn’t care about anyone else and felt invincible. Sean broke into cars and committed other serious crimes that landed him in jail. Today he regrets hurting everyone, especially his mother. Sean is now in recovery, but still avoids triggers like drug stores.